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Shop Alternative Parts for GM Cooling Systems in Winston-Salem NC

Looking to fix the cooling system in your GM vehicle? We've got just the parts you've been searching for. Shop with us, and you'll see why we're a top choice of online parts store. Not just for GM drivers doing repairs and upgrades in greater Charlotte, either. Those throughout North Carolina and elsewhere in the US, too.

Cooling Systems 101

What one does. Your vehicle's engine produces intense heat as it runs; the cooling system helps dispel it. Without one, the ride you love driving would almost certainly overheat. If the radiator, for instance, goes bad, it can end up causing car heating and air conditioning malfunctions, not to mention engine failure and other problems.

The signs one's failing. They include fin damage, coolant leaks, sludgy antifreeze, strange engine noises, and a sweet, syrupy odor (of ethylene glycol, in this case). To figure out if the engine's running too hot, check the temperature gauge on your instrumentation. Then, run a cooling system inspection; replace parts as needed.

How much one costs to replace. The average cost of radiator replacement can run from $1000 to $1200, depending on the make and model you drive (and parts alone can make up $800 to $870 of that). For another example, the average cost of replacing a water pump is between $750 and $900 (with parts alone usually running $500 to $570).

Alternative Cooling System Parts vs. OEM and Aftermarket

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cooling system parts are made by GM. Alternative ones, on the other hand, just like aftermarket ones, are made by reputable third-party manufacturers.

The main difference between alternative and aftermarket parts, though, is OEM affiliation. GM, in this case, has opted to use alternative parts in building its factory cooling systems. Aftermarket cooling system parts, on the other hand, are most often unaffiliated with a manufacturer generally, and they aren't necessarily recommended for use by it.

Why Buy from GM Wholesale Direct?

High Quality

What you get will have been manufactured for your make and model specifically. That's whether you're driving a late-model Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, or GMC, or an older model, such as a Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or Saturn vehicle. It'll be up to the standards you've come to expect from your favorite brand. It'll also come guaranteed to fit and work just like what came from the factory.


You'll get better prices than if you'd bought from the parts counters at most GM dealerships; what we sell is often steeply discounted from MSRP. Check out our catalog; you'll see all that you can save right away.

Warranty Coverage

You probably won't find any cooling system part that any brand makes defective, in either materials or workmanship. If you do, the problem will get taken care of. That kind of support, you may not get elsewhere.

Buy Alternative Cooling System Parts for GM Vehicles Online Now

We offer fast shipping to any address nationwide. If you have any questions, contact us anytime.

89040217 Compatible oil cooler
Part Number: GM4050106
Description: OEM quality aftermarket transmission oil cooler fits: 2001-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD (w/5sp automatic trans)...
Not For Sale
Not For Sale
89018432 compatible heater core
Part Number: 96034
Description: High quality aftermarket replacement heater core made to replace your original core exactly. Made with OE material and pressure...
MSRP $89.95
MSRP $89.95