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Shop Alternative Mirrors for GM in Winston-Salem NC

If your vehicle's got a broken mirror or two, replacement ASAP is critical. It's not legal to drive without them, sure, but that's the least of your problems. Without mirrors, you just plain can't see --switching lanes, parallel parking, and even simply keeping an eye on things around you gets tougher. Luckily, we've got everything you need to take care of the job.

Why Buy a Replacement Mirror from GM Wholesale Direct?

A lot of GM stores just sell parts online. We specialize. Top quality, affordable prices -- we pride ourselves on it.

For instance, we only sell mirrors up to GM standards. That is, of the exceptional craftsmanship you're used to, and made for the model you love to drive specifically -- guaranteed to fit it perfectly. No compatibility guesswork's needed, and aftermarket quality issues, you won't have to worry about. You can start browsing right away.

Our prices are often discounted, too -- pretty steeply sometimes. Not every GM dealer does that. So, buy with confidence; you're getting a good deal. Of course, you're getting peace of mind, too: we include warranty support, after all. Defects in materials and workmanship, however unlikely, won't be any concern.

Order Alternative Mirrors for GM Vehicles Online Now

We'll ship fast, you'll save even more on our rates, and we'll deliver just as promptly, anywhere in the US. Have questions? Contact our parts team anytime.

Mirrors 101

A vehicle can have several kinds of mirrors, depending on its body style. For instance, all cars and SUVs these days have side mirrors (i.e., outside mirrors or exterior mirrors) -- your standard, everyday visual aids for what's going on next to, nearby, and behind you, and in your "blind spot."

Most trucks, though, have towing mirrors, a type of side mirror that extends further out than most side mirrors, for watching a trailer while towing. Coming in varieties like manually adjustable, power-adjustable, telescopic, clip-on, and convex/spotter, they minimize blind spots and help you keep an eye on an entire load at once.

All vehicles these days have rearview mirrors, though. A type of interior mirror, they attach to front windshields, on a swiveling mount usually, and help you see what's going on through the rear windshield behind you -- no need to rely solely on looking over your shoulder in traffic. Some work with electronics -- rearview cameras and infotainment screens, for instance -- while others work with safety systems (e.g., backup sensors). Others yet, day-night mirrors, automatically dim, enabling use at different times of day.

Any of them get bumped, dented, or scraped, damaged by bad weather, or scuffed by dirt and debris from drive, and you'll want to put in new ones -- mirror glass, housings, covers, installation hardware, anything that needs changing.

Alternative Mirrors vs. OEM and Aftermarket

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) mirrors, GM makes. Alternative mirrors, on the other hand, are made by reputable third-parties. Same with aftermarket mirrors.

Affiliation is the main difference between alternative and aftermarket. GM, in your vehicle's case, has opted to use alternative parts in equipping its factory vehicles with mirrors. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are most often unaffiliated with mirror manufacturers generally. A manufacturer won't necessarily recommend using them, either.

03-07 Silverado/Sierra power towing mirror with signal RH (Comparable to 19153378)
Part Number: GM1321301
Description: High quality replacement mirror meets all Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards. Built to the same standards as the OE part. Fits:...
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